Teen Mindfulness Group (Ages 12-14 & 15-17)


2017 Dates:

Two age groups)

(Ages 12-14)
(Ages 15-17)


Kerri Moreland, PhD

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The extent of pressures placed on teens is far greater than ever before. From increased scholastic expectations starting at an extremely young age, to increased social responsibility, teens are faced with a daunting challenge. Technology has also contributed to a being "out of touch" with ones thoughts, emotions and physical wellbeing, which further perpetuates stress, anxiety, depression and rumination.

As a result, we have developed our Mindfulness for Teens program. This program offered through the Long Island Center for Mindfulness combines proven techniques from established Mindfulness curriculums as well as experience and perspective from traditional cognitive-behavioral psychology. All designed for appropriate age groups to be fun and engaging!

Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Develop skills to understand stresses and develop coping strategies
  • Develop skills to manage reduce and manage anxiety, habits that transcend into adulthood
  • Improve understanding of sensations and feelings and how to respond rather than react
  • Improved focus and attention
  • Learn to communicate and listen with greater mindfulness to family, friends and in school
  • Deepen interpersonal relationships.
  • Learn how to practice a variety of different mindfulness meditations, and develop and sustain a simple meditation practice moving forward

The Role of the Parents/Guardian
Unlike the children's course, we ask that the teens attend this group without parental supervision, as having the presence of a guardian can often impact the group dynamic, especially among teens. If you would like to take your personal learning of mindfulness deeper, which we highly encourage, we offer multiple courses for adults through the Long Island Center for mindfulness, including a donation-based group that meets every Tuesday evening in Sayville, 7-830pm. This is a great opportunity for you to learn these tools alongside your child, allowing you to integrate mindfulness more deeply into your family and household.

About the Instructor

Kerri Moreland, PhD

Kerri Moreland is a New York State licensed psychologist with a doctoral degree in School-Community Psychology from Hofstra University. She has spent the last 10 years working in the public school system as a certified school psychologist, as well as in the private setting providing therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. Kerri is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and assists students and private clients who experience difficulties with anxiety, depression, family and relationship stressors, interpersonal communication, social skills, coping skills, and general problem-solving skills. As a certified school psychologist, Kerri also has experience in psycho-educational assessments, identification of learning disabilities, behavioral consultation, and working with students with special needs and their families, including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and behavior disorders. Kerri has incorporated mindfulness strategies into her practice since her own introduction to mindfulness meditation several years ago, and is excited to provide adolescents an opportunity to benefit from the simple, yet powerful influence of mindfulness at such a crucial phase of individual and social development.

$160 per teen

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There are limited spaces in this program

We have a limited number of partial scholarships available for those unable to cover the registration cost.​If you are interested in a scholarship, and/or have concerns or questions before registering, ​please reach out to me at cory.muscara@gmail.com